Bike models and sizes

Genesis Caribou (Fat or Skinny) – Small, Medium, Large, XL

The ultimate adventure bike! We love fat bikes because they’re simple and can take you over ANY terrain, easily carrying all of your gear whilst they’re doing it. They’re very stable and confidence inspiring over rough ground and the soft tyres provide a comfortable ride. If you’ve never ridden one before then the sheer novelty is leaves you grinning from ear to ear and you’ll get plenty of attention and talking points from the people you meet on the way. Yeah, they’re a bit slow, but not as much as you’d think, and anyway for us that’s part of the point, taking the time to take everything in and giving you plenty of excuse for brew stops!

However, if you’re going for smoother terrain we can swap the wheels out for our unique 29’’ skinnies and all of a sudden you’ve got an entirely different bike! Still with loads of stability and because of the wider frame, great gear carrying options. It sounds a bit silly but our ‘not-so-fat skinny fat bikes’ make for great adventure tourers.

With powerful cable disc brakes, more bottle mounts than you could shake a stick at and solid Shimano Deore gearing, these are the tool that will take you right out there and then back again.

Surly Troll – Medium, Large

Probably one of the most versatile bikes on the planet, the 26’’ wheeled Troll is a proven master at carrying heavy loads almost anywhere. With a massive variety of build options — found here — let us know what you’re after and we’ll make it for you.

Thorn Discovery Twin Tandem – Large/Medium (double hire price)

A big yellow beast of a touring tandem! There’s not many better bikes for carrying two people and all of their luggage where they want to go. With a massively sturdy frame and the super reliable Rohllof hub gears you’ll get ‘superstar’ status everywhere you pass through!