Fat Bike Hire

No matter how long you’ve been riding bikes, riding a fat bike for the first time can’t help but make you smile.

Put simply, they’re a lot fun, they take you to places you’d never have dreamed a bike should go whilst at the same time taking you right back to what riding bikes should be all about. Fun. Regardless of your skill level or experience riding a Fatbike for the first time is a totally new cycling experience!

Most riders, however, don’t yet know all this because before taking the plunge and owning one, they’re really just another costly toy (and probably somewhere down a list of many others). That’s why we’ve got our Adventure Pedlars Fatbike hire fleet… Whether it’s to ‘try before you buy’, to tackle a specific challenge or expedition where only a ‘Fatty’ will do or just for a fun day out on the trails with with friends.

Our fleet of specifically UK designed Genesis Caribou Fatbikes are perfectly suited to UK riding conditions (whatever the season) and whether you’re out on a multi-day, loaded adventure or a just a day’s fun on the hill you’re in for a whole new level of biking experience that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Guided Fatbike Rides in the Peak District National Park are available all year round. You’ll be guided by one of our qualified mountain bike leaders who knows the local area intimately and who’ll take care of all the route planning, navigation and get you onto the best routes to get the most out of the Fatbike. Also, as experienced mtb skills tutors, we can empower you with some ‘Fatty’ skills along the way.

If you’re a confident and experienced rider but just want some pointers on where to go we also have GPS units pre-loaded with our  fat bike routes for hire for an extra £10 per day. Alternatively if you have your own device we’d be happy to send you the gpx files to get you on your way.  

What Genesis Says —

“Originally conceived for use on Alaskan snow, the key to a ‘fatbike’ is its large volume/ low pressure tyre combo (generally 3.8”+) which provides enough floatation and traction to pedal over soft, unstable and otherwise un-passable terrain. Aka, perfect for exploring the path less travelled!

The Caribou is a little different in that it’s not tied-down to specific single-season use, and much, much more than a just ‘snow bike’. The trail-orientated geometry and fat tyres lend themselves well to year-round use, excelling equally as well in typical UK riding conditions like mud, bog, wet roots and loose rock as with the white stuff.

With a more playful geometry than you might otherwise expect and Vee Tire Co.’s great all-rounder Mission 4.0” trail tyres with a fast-rolling, open tread, the Caribou is designed for all-round trail use and generally riding things (and places) you thought you couldn’t. With an outer tyre diameter similar to that of a 29er, the extra width comes into its own on loose surfaces with the flotation-like feeling they relay.

Roll over (and up) just about anything, find grip and traction in places where previously you’d find none, feel the natural ‘cush’ and obscene amounts of deflection smooth out the trail ahead (try 6-12psi for starters), load it up and head out for an adventure where no other bike dare tread. There’s a good reason those that have already jumped aboard are shouting about ‘fat-bikes’ from the rooftops; they’re about as much fun as you can have on a two wheels.”

Fat bike hiring prices

Hire prices start at just £25 per bike for a 1/2 day and £35 for a full day.

Check out our Adventure Bike Hire rates for longer periods.

We have a full range of sizes to suit all riders (from small to XL)

Bike hire includes a frame bag containing a spare tube, pump and basic roadside repair tools. (We can also provide helmet’s and safety equipment free of charge if required)

We’ll deliver the bike(s), free of charge, to your home, accommodation, rail point or the trail (within 10 miles of our base in the Peak District). For delivery further afield contact us for delivery charges.

We also have a range of ‘bikepacking’ gear and expedition equipment for multi day trips. See our Adventure bike and equipment hire page for more info.

To get the most out of the experience, or if you’re unfamiliar with  routes in the Peak District we’d strongly recommend you take advantage of our Fat bike Guiding service.